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Good shop will be the creator of the store profits

a good name will have what kind of role? In the eyes of many, but a good name is to attract consumers. In fact, the name of good effect can be far more than that. As we all know, the current very well-known enterprises or shops, in fact, have a sound that makes consumers feel very comfortable or impressive name. Therefore, a good shop will be the creator of the store profits, naturally should also be caused by the owner’s attention.

to the company’s shops (including commodity trademarks) named way and ideas are varied. Among them, each kind of train of thought has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if you want to get the best name, best can complement each other considering various ideas, refer to each other. The more the factors considered in the naming, the broader the idea, the more the name can be achieved.

here is a very typical example: Jiangsu textile group of 10 former Red Bean started by 8 Taiwan cotton spinning machinery rented an old ancestral temple, now the assets of 180 million yuan, profit of 15 million yuan, the export volume of 80 million yuan. What is the secret of success? With the general manager Yao Ting said, this is due to the red bean trademark culture!"

"health and southern red beans, a few of the spring. I used it the most Acacia Jie ". What a poetic name, Chinese people who do not like this symbol of love the seeds of Acacia do? No wonder the "red bean" product has just come out immediately, with its rich cultural connotation to attract consumers, old people put red clothes as a mascot; young people to send red vests for fashion lovers, the intellectual thought of Wang Weide poetry to stimulate the desire to buy red bean with red bean; Chinese clothing sustenance homesickness.

"red bean" success, no doubt thanks to its comprehensive consideration of a variety of factors, including the customer’s point of view, the perspective of the industry, culture, etc..

business has become more and more difficult, more and more money is not easy, but in an increasingly competitive market situation, if you give your company or shop for a good name, came out on top in this area, you will be able to attract more rolling in profits.

This is because

, a good name, its function and value is far beyond the meaning of the name itself, has a huge commercial effect. Look at the companies that make the shop, whether they belong to what kind of industry, in what place, without exception, have a good name, this is precisely the reason why they become one of the main reasons for profitable company stores.

is a good name, the name itself is absolutely not, but a sucker incarnation, wealth money, profit creator, catalyst of interest. If you really want to make money, please start with a good name for the company!



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