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Eat more roughage vegetables off breast cancer _39 _ women’s health network

tobacco and alcohol are harmful to the body and are related to the occurrence of many kinds of cancer and chronic diseases. The study found that women who drank daily had an increased risk of breast cancer by 10.6%, and women who drank more than 20 milliliters of alcohol a day were about twice as likely to have breast cancer, according to the study. So, female friends should immediately quit smoking.

kelp and seaweed contains a large amount of iodine, can promote ovarian follicular lutein, endocrine disorders to be adjusted to reduce the risk of breast hyperplasia in women. Eat one or two dishes per week with kelp, such as seaweed soup, seaweed salad, braised kelp etc..

quit smoking and drinking

although the current scientific research, there is no clear what food can treat or prevent the occurrence of breast cancer, but the life of a lot of ordinary diet and habits can reduce the incidence of the disease, according to estimates of the incidence of breast cancer and improve eating habits can prevent 1/3.

nut foods contain a lot of antioxidants, can play the anti-cancer effect. Moreover, nuts and seeds can increase the body of vitamin E intake, intake of vitamin E can make breast tissue is more elastic, but do not choose salt frying.

protein intake is very important, essential lean meat, poultry, eggs, soy products, etc.. Especially soy products, soy contains isoflavones can inhibit tumor growth, prevent cancer, especially breast cancer, eat a little soy meal, such as tofu, Soybean Milk, can be very good for breast health.

especially dark green vegetables. Contains vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber rich fresh vegetables, can effectively antioxidant, help the body to resist various diseases including breast cancer.

drink more milk

sooner or later a cup of milk

nuts as snacks

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grain should be rough not fine. Whole grains are rich in cellulose, promote intestinal peristalsis help the body detoxification, delay after glucose absorption. Every day, eat whole grains, with some pastoral point dinner steamed, or go home cook a bowl of bean porridge for dinner.


eat more vegetables and fruits

launched by China Cancer Foundation, China’s first large-scale breast cancer epidemic survey project lasted nearly two years, the first time before the overall results of the survey released. Research shows that compared with Europe and the United States, the incidence of breast cancer in China presents an increasingly younger trend, a full ten years earlier than the west.

breast shape is mainly determined by the fat content, good nutrition is conducive to the development of breast and form maintenance. 500 grams of milk can provide 15-17 grams of high-quality protein and 600 mg of calcium. Women consume two servings of low-fat dairy products daily, reducing the risk of breast cancer before menopause.

coarse flour and rice to eat

eat seafood


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