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Analysis of management factors of food chain stores

fact that more business skills for foodservice operators are empty talk and have to say these things, but, as we learn in school period, learn the theoretical knowledge, and finally on our own personal practice to use the knowledge of these real. So here is still a a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Join a restaurant, it is necessary to master some of the operating skills, in particular, some promotional activities are indispensable, the chain of food and beverage brands which business elements?

restaurants like supermarkets, some high profits, some low profit, you may not be the promotion of low profits, even at a loss, or a busy day to earn money but also lose money, of course, there is a premise that for the calculation of the profit margin products. Promotional products is just the rate of profit loss, then to the end of the month so depressed go! Where is the key issue is that pathway to target customers focused on the need to. Give time, before or during your peak. How to issue, need to have a key advertising language in the process of distribution.

restaurant positioning should have a difference (feature), you are actually using the product to promote or price to promote. If these customers like the product you use price promotions, or these customers like low prices but you use the product promotion these programs are not match.

target customers to grasp accurately, for example, usually you will not be sent back to a bag DM children, must be distributed to your restaurant to the target customers in the hands of the crowd.

hope that the above simple business elements can give operators a wake up, if you want to know more information, please visit our website below the message.


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