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Gone with the wind Sino British dual station to engage in brand marketing strategy

— brand strategy blind spot]

wrote this article floating brother thought a lot of people will say "fool ah! Now which station does not have Chinese and English?"

is also seen, large and small stations have Chinese and English, but after the new network marketing company (website) in time, or the concept of input error will only take into account of one party, the other party to ignore


so floating brother from here to tell the newcomers how to better their own brand marketing to promote better. It’s a reminder.

to write this topic is also a reason, today, a netizen consulted on this issue:

our company is the official website is www. Pery. COM, pery is the abbreviation of the stock on the NASDAQ, the main brand is Perry Ellis, and another twenty or so brands, some of the independent SHOP site, as well as regional sites, such as pery. Com. Cn et al..

now the problem is on the Baidu search perryellis can not come out of our official website pery. COM, and perryellis. COM is not the first one, while Google is the first search results, we are quite satisfied with this, we didn’t pay GOOGLE, we think that this is what you should do. Baidu GOOGLE on this issue is hate, especially if you search the state organs, he rarely can give you the official website, always link some grass feather (for example, I have not found the National Women’s Federation’s official website, no?)

my question is, do we have a good way to make some META settings on the page to make Baidu meet our requirements?

a look after this is the first to see the site, found that PR is 3. Because I did not see the station before I thought it was caused by the new station. After reading that this can reject


what the hell is he,


according to their own search for many years to grasp the phenomenon that he is "the lack of a Chinese station"!

why do you say that?

users are the key problem in the description of the phenomenon of Baidu, GOOGLE’s performance is very satisfied. The problem is on Baidu!

Baidu as a professional Chinese search engine, is the "professional" so some English stations, although appeared to be included, but can not be given in some ways to meet the requirements of people.

GOOGLE and you will find that you are China when you search English words, he will display the search results in CN, there will be Chinese station and English station with the search results, some are purely English station, some are the words in the English Chinese site! "


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