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Hunan open debriefing meeting concluded last year all China Women’s Federation women’s entrepreneurs

day before, on 2015 the Hunan women’s Federation work debriefing, summed up last year work on women’s work and problems, confirmed for Hunan women’s entrepreneurship work helping results. And established the new goal of women’s work in 2016.

1 8 days to 9 days, the Hunan provincial women’s Federation held a retreat in Changsha work. At the meeting, the 14 city women’s Federation, the provincial women’s Committee, the provincial women’s Federation organs of the departments and units directly under the 2015 summary of the work, and put forward the idea of the 2016 work, accept the year-end assessment. Hunan provincial women’s Federation President Du Yaling attended and spoke.

is the target positive direction, around the political, three advanced and mass center to carry out the work; two is based on the family and women’s organizations of the two "home", set up in the country, the province’s energy known, can let women get affordable brand; three is focused into a significant effect, work around the provincial government center, reflect women’s power; four is to play "the" word poly force, pay attention to the work of safeguarding rights, let the law against domestic violence in Hunan and the implementation of legal practice, so that more families benefit; five is to grasp the opportunity of difficulty, promote charity care services, play heavy raise power, breeding new social organization. To strengthen ties and construction of the group members.


2015, Changsha Municipal Women’s Federation to strengthen and improve the cooperation mechanism of anti domestic violence more, the introduction of domestic violence warning system implementation measures, to create a "women’s home" anti domestic violence work demonstration 10. City, county (city) level two organizations received the petition piece 2205, which to evaluate the risk of more than 80 domestic violence petition cases, for high-risk cases screened the record and return visit. 2016, the establishment and improvement of marriage and family dispute settlement mechanism, the establishment of the Changsha family crisis intervention center".

2015, the Zhuzhou Municipal Women’s Federation of women entrepreneurship into the city’s public innovation peoples entrepreneurship "project, Zhuzhou municipal organization, human society, finance and other departments to support. Coordinated financial sector for the year 42 million 990 thousand yuan for women to provide small loans to help women entrepreneurs in 509. In 2016, the new female farmer will strengthen the innovative ability training, play association and recommended demonstration base


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