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How to turn your ideas into business opportunities

there are a lot of people will have entrepreneurial ideas, but to really put into practice is less and less, so when you have entrepreneurial ideas should think how to put your ideas into real business opportunities.

1, list the reasons why you want to do business. Judge your list with a critical eye.

2, list what you’re willing to take the time to do. If you are not true for your business success will become fascinated by the aeriality. What are your interests and hobbies? What are you good at? What do people say you are good at? This list represents a wide range of business models, with the passage of time, you will enjoy more and more fun. Decide what you want to do in the list.

3, focus on your area. That should be your specialty, through special training and applied to the mall can help you create a world. In the research phase of your business ideas, think about how to get your business to find the right soil.

4, chat with friends or family members who work in similar businesses. Their words are a useful addition to your ideas. What needs to be improved? Why need to improve, how to improve? And the nearby business owners talk about — so they don’t treat you as rival, also let them give you ideas. These people usually have ideas that you never thought.

5, to participate in the forum. This is a good way to learn about potential customers. You can also understand the trend, get feedback, and to establish a working relationship with their like-minded people.

6, evaluate your product or service market demand. You want to understand the industry’s development speed and direction. This understanding can help you find out what you think and help you make the most of it. It also allows you to achieve your business through innovation and vision.

7, companies in the vicinity of the research to understand the competitive landscape. Looking for a way to make you stand out in the competition. Ask yourself what you can do to make your business better and more unique.

8, landing competitors website. Analysis of the site’s features, analysis of its customer base, such as

9, define the operation of your business. Here are some key questions you should answer:

you bring to the company what skills or experience?

What is the fixed cost you

when needed funds come from?

your enterprise need special insurance?

The legal construction of


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