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Benign breast tumors not easily cut _39 _ women’s health network

addition, breast cystic hyperplasia, breast ductal papilloma, breast lipoma, leiomyoma is a common benign breast tumor, although its risk of malignant transformation is not high, there is no need to find a surgical resection, but regularly check to the hospital, on the application of dynamic tracking and monitoring of the disease of love, is still very an important and indispensable.

breast epithelial tissue and fibrous tissue in the stimulation of estrogen, will occur in varying degrees of proliferation, thus forming a breast fibroma.

The role of

(Editor: Teng Betty internship editor: He Lili


of breast fibroadenoma and breast cancer, malignant transformation rate is very low. However, during pregnancy, fibroma can suddenly grow into a sarcoma. Women over the age of 40, especially the occurrence of fibroma of perimenopausal and postmenopausal, risk of malignancy in patients with cystic hyperplasia of breast as with breast fibroma, will also increase the risk of cancer.

it may appear at any age after puberty, but as a result of 18 – to 25 year old female ovarian function, estrogen levels are also high, so the most common in this age group.

breast fibroma usually single, circular or oval, smooth surface, clear boundary, can promote, and skin and deep tissue is not adhesion, axillary lymph nodes are not swollen. It usually grows more slowly, no pain or slight pain, dull pain, patients usually may not feel what. It is very easy to differentiate from breast hyperplasia because of the pain that is not related to the menstrual cycle.

in the treatment of breast cancer is now small, and surgery is the only effective treatment for this benign tumor. But the important meaning for women based on the breast, unless it is necessary, never easy to knife, so as not to leave the body when the defect, experienced doctor’s advice will be extremely important. Of course, it is also very wrong to ignore it, young patients with breast cancer must be highly vigilant, every six months to the hospital to do a check to prevent the deterioration of the disease, until a little longer, then surgery.



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