Rural electricity supplier survey report

this year, the media are scrambling to report, said the era of rural electricity supplier has come, and actively encourage rural entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to return home in the electricity supplier business. But now the current situation of the development of the rural electricity supplier is not so good, and let the intermediary platform into chaos like a swarm of bees.

With the increasing of

"recently participated in an organization of the electricity supplier training, second days to register a website, I was the credit card to pay 21 thousand yuan. There are hundreds of people, are like me so eager to engage in electricity supplier executives." Hubei County of Jingshan province Luo Dian Zhen Liu Hong Kong rice planting cooperatives chairman Liu Shiyong said. In addition, it was also reflected that some of the electricity supplier training just engage in a web page, is not a sales platform, there is no upstream and downstream industry chain.

"some farmers to businesses that have a crape myrtle flowers can open the seven colors, many villagers have also released a message for gospel truth, on the website, many customers buy after the discovery of problems, on the site of complaints." Jiangsu Shuyang County Yan Ji Yan village Party branch secretary Li Yanchun says, this not only affects the buyer’s recommendation


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