Promotion may wish to more creative

for the promotion of the current market, almost any shop will carry out such activities, after all, this has become an important means to enhance the sales of goods. At the mention of promotion, people will think of the price, discounts, buy gifts, coupons, sweepstakes, VIP card, the strength of the enterprises are also used, please star campaign, outdoor exhibition etc..

business promotion is to open the market sales, brand promotion; business promotion is to enhance popularity, attract customers. Admittedly, the promotion is a magic weapon for many businesses, but how to use, how to bring forth new ideas, is a skill. Some businesses are so commonly used a few strokes, conservative, toss effect is poor; and some businesses make every promotion of "new" means the full, produced unexpected results.

Taiwan company, in order to sell as soon as possible for workers to wear the double diamond ring they launched, once thought of a "trick", "please have a try" promotional activities. The theory is based on the common female beauty, especially girls, as long as they are fully awakened this kind of psychological, can form a wave of buying.

So they decided to

, who is 18 years old women can come to try wearing a diamond ring, and they also promised, who can have the honor to become the "aesthetic selection" in the top three, who can have a this diamond ring. Try to say one is not new, but won the aesthetic selection of the top three will become the owner of the ring, it is a very fresh promise. Sure enough, this will enable a large number of girls every day, infinite longing, to try them in a continuous line, in front of the company I like clouds, lively and extraordinary. A few days later, this ring is sold out.

marketing endless, innovation without boundaries; thinking remains unchanged, the idea of a world wide. Today, the vast number of consumers on the so-called discount, price, buy one gift and other promotional tactics, has long been a sense of aesthetic fatigue, and even the emergence of numbness. Look forward to fresh, the pursuit of fresh, enjoy the fresh is a widespread consumer psychology. For retail businesses who can skillfully and successfully create fresh, with fresh, who can win the initiative to attract customers, the occupation of the market.

for the Spring Festival market, take a supermarket to buy gifts, on-site distribution and other means of combining multiple promotions, to create a holiday shopping to get an atmosphere of surprise. The name of a family of artistic activities "warm holiday" and "xicongtianxiang" and other words, reflects the "lively, dynamic, warm atmosphere, fully stimulate consumer interest in shopping. "Fresh" means of promotion has brought a significant effect: the activities of the week’s sales compared with usual, an increase of 30%, the average daily turnover increased by 36%, the flow is also increased by about an average of about 20 thousand people.

now many of the owners in the promotion of live >


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