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Zheng Luo innovation product award top 5 million you want

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" of the call, many people began his entrepreneurial journey. This time, Zheng Luo innovative products rich reward, is a rare case of entrepreneurial opportunities, the highest 5 million do you want? In May 27th, the provincial government issued the "implementation of the construction of the Zheng Luoxin national innovation demonstration zone plan", from the general requirements, strategic positioning, spatial layout and functional layout, development objectives, key tasks, safeguard measures and other aspects of the plan for the construction of demonstration areas in a comprehensive arrangement. The newspaper from September 8th to September 14th, have published the 5 issue, in-depth interpretation of this important programmatic document.

to build a sound policy support system, is the key to the construction of Zheng Luoxin demonstration area. To this end, our province to promote the construction of "1+N" policy system. In August 31st, the provincial government has officially issued the "several opinions on accelerating the" independent innovation demonstration area construction Luoxin Zheng State, in five aspects, stimulate the vitality of innovation to promote open innovation, gathering overseas talent resources, system innovation and technology management mechanism, optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, put forward 30 new pragmatic pilot policy.

this document as the policy system of 1, played a programmatic role for the demonstration area to provide a high level of top-level design, creating a relaxed environment for development. The next step, as the supporting policies and measures of the policy system of "N", will also be batch before October 31st, December 31st and March 31st next year before the introduction, then in the province three city planning, as the main body, build collaborative related departments, will form a complete "1+N" policy system, to provide effective protection and strength support for the healthy and rapid development of Zheng Luoxin demonstration area.

from today, this newspaper will publish 5 edition, for readers in-depth interpretation of "opinions" on accelerating the construction of the Zheng Luoxin national innovation demonstration zone is one of the most important programmatic document.

promote innovation resources to enterprise cluster

gave priority to the development of strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries as the core task, increase investment in research and development and open innovation, strive for strategic investment layout, fostering the growth of a number of prominent and distinctive industrial scale, the level of science and technology leader in innovative industrial clusters.

– the implementation of innovation of leading enterprises developing project. Provincial major scientific and technological projects, such as the development of advanced manufacturing projects to focus on funding to tilt the demonstration area, Zheng Luoxin three cities to follow up support. Support for large and medium-sized enterprises to establish R & D institutions, within 3 years to achieve full coverage of R & D institutions at or above the provincial level. Implementation of the "science and technology giant" enterprise cultivation project.

to increase product innovation support, improve the use of the first (set) of major technical equipment to recommend


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