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The choice of a new way to start a successful business

toy market, has been a very hot market. Entrepreneurs choose to open a toy store belonging to their own, is also a very rough choice. The choice of a new shop mode, successful business!

4 the morning of 15 August, in Licheng District of Ji’nan city to the East Garden City Tao Dian trade toys wholesale store, the provincial capital of another toy store manager Mr. Huang once picked 150 kilograms of toys. Duan Tao will be one of goods weighing, packing, loading, Mr. Huang paid money, drove away, a deal was successful. A recent survey found that, like Duan Tao, there are many shops in the provincial capital and personal " sold on the pounds, this toy " quite a novel way of sale in the provincial capital quietly popular. Found that business opportunities are wealth, but also to be novel, so that others like it, the latest venture capital projects here. In the section of the shop in front of the door, " on the sale of toys " signs are particularly eye-catching.

200 square meters warehouse, piled hundreds of large cardboard boxes, all kinds of toys to be arranged in different boxes. The toy car, the type is complete: Superman, block, Bobbi doll…… owner Duan Tao said, this shop is designed to engage in wholesale toys, no matter what toys are sold by weight, unified intelligence toys, cars, 16 yuan a kilogram, Bobbi doll, electric remote control toy 20 yuan a kilo, buy more concessions have.

" " toys sold on the pounds; not just to attract attention, the main still want to puerile, let sell some toys. According to Duan Tao introduction, the toy store is usually about 50% of the profit in the toy, on the sale of the profit is reduced to nearly $10%. Although a single profit has decreased, the number of sales has increased. Over the past day to wholesale out of two hundred or three hundred kilograms, and now a good time, a day to wholesale out of the more than and 500 kg. In this way, profits will increase. " and customers are still increasing, every day there are a lot of calls to consult. " Duan Tao says. To wholesale 150 kg of toys, Mr. Huang said, after he bought a part of the store in the unit price to sell, in addition to the launch of relatives and friends and drove the van on the streets to sell pounds, revenue increased a lot.

Lixia District Dingjiazhuang Mu Shouwan is engaged in the wholesale toy toy sales also, he said, " " toys sold on the pounds; not only benefit from the seller, the buyer is also very cost-effective. For example, he said, like an ordinary toy gun in the shop to buy at the price according to 20 yuan, in pounds to buy only less than 10 yuan. Therefore, " on the sale of toys " so that operators benefit, but also allow customers to save money, and ultimately to achieve a " win-win ".

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