How to develop community commerce

community business in the current market environment has been formed, and there is indeed a very large market demand, as long as we operate properly, making money is not difficult. However, there are so many problems in the operation of such a special business. But today we explore the commercial community, largely different from the past the main food market community super standard, like red, etc. Suguo has built up a big supermarket, ahead of card and establish a card vouchers and brand advantages of more viscous, our hair roots enterprises today.

first share a few ideas:

1, the development of community business judgment. Personally think that a lot of the city, the current business community and boutique supermarket as in the pioneer stage, community consumption thickness, population density, community business still need to "boil loss", the development of chain stores in developed markets to the community, early step!

2, we still need to discuss the ability of headquarters. We do not worry that many companies will not set up organizations, modify the process to deal with community business, and most worried about is not to start a new direction in the heart of entrepreneurship! For Aoao breast children, most people will feel tired, there will be few active service consciousness, the traditional organization of the "entropy" malpractice, professional and not to say that the increase will increase, so many companies do not become "fresh legend". The business community more corresponding to small, independent and professional label, headquarters need more to start with anxious heart, the majority of enterprises, today more need to find the responsible person, must use the incentive to venture partner, leader dangdie when the mother is inevitable, coordination capacity in the first!

3, community business to different enterprise connotation. In the professional category based enterprises, can boldly into the community, and to link online and offline; hypermarkets and super standard comprehensive sales oriented enterprises, the business community may mean convenience stores, shops and community life category set store format selection.

4, community business must be based on the scale of the future. You do community shop, one of the two have absolutely no sense, the business community needs to cover all the connotation of convenience stores, so the background input is valid, parasitic on existing large stores or super standard system, it is difficult to fight the business community.

200~800 square meters is our subject to the business community! Deep in the commercial community, should also have the following directions:

1, to build a single core sales capabilities, screening of basic services.

community commercial sales, social, financial, and family pension and other content, in fact by a variety of shops and social institutions jointly completed, the retail core is to do the single core sales functions, what will bring some hope, lack of focus, community shops will die!



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