How to control rural market

rural than the city, although the area is vast, but the population density is not high, this will give a lot of rural stores is difficult, if operating properly, the number of customers will be very scarce, naturally difficult to do business. Some time ago, in a certain brand of liquor sales conference, Shandong Longkou seven Jia Zhen Jiang Gou Cun Jiang Lianxiang due to higher order volume of retail customers, once again attracted my attention.

Jiang Lianxiang, I met her four years ago, and I don’t look very good, but I was impressed. Because, every year to open a meeting, as long as she attends, always the most ordered the person.

order, that store good operating conditions; good operating conditions, that the owner of a master. After a simple conversation, I learned that the more than and 30 year old owner in the business really have a "nirvana". This method is actually very simple to say, is door-to-door. But this alone, let her stand out in many peers.

in the dealer to send us home on the car, Jiang Lianxiang told me that the villagers have her cell phone number, as long as a phone call, she will timely delivery. In order to compensate for the phone calls to the villagers, she also presented some small gifts to the villagers. As a result, the villagers prefer to shop in her shop, prompting the formation of a virtuous cycle of business.

door-to-door service, sounds very common, but look at the rural market, how many shops can provide this service for the villagers? How many stores can continue to day after day, year after year? To tell you the truth, I can’t do it. Because I look at a shop, her husband to work, his son to school. If the delivery to the customer is bound to close the shop door, other customers see lock the door, will leave, so it is not picking sesame seeds lost watermelon? Of course, if the family has surplus staff to help shop, it’s different.

home delivery is small, but it highlights the consumer first business philosophy, reflects the owner’s sense of competition, service awareness.

Lenovo to the current business situation, I can not help but think about such a problem: in rural areas, what kind of owner can adapt to control the market?

through observation and interaction with colleagues chat, I found that vision, thinking, active, strong sense of business owners, the operating conditions are often more ideal. For example, in the chat can seriously learn from good ideas counterparts, can also go to the operating experience in the observation and transfer to middle school, own business will gain a good effect. And those relatively conservative thought and love complaining of owner, in a brutal test from the market, often could not insist.

rural areas now because of economic conditions improve, people’s consumption level is getting higher and higher, however


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