Haicang boss wages shamelessly disappeared

for the issue of wages, the most common than many of the boss, the problem of wage arrears for migrant workers. However, living in a legal society, the state protects the active policy against the boss does not pay the event. The following Xiaobian together and understand, the boss Haicang no wages, shamelessly to play the missing event.

2010, the defendant Liu in Haicang Xinyang Street investment to set up a handicraft company, and served as the company’s legal representative. Due to poor management, the company since June 2014 began to default on wages. To November 9, 2014, the company has 35 employees owed wages totaling more than 29.4 yuan, and some of the staff to write IOUs to pay money as soon as possible. However, Liu then turn off the phone lost track.

2016 January 1st, the defendant Liu was arrested in Guangdong, Huizhou Province Public Security organs. After the Haicang District People’s court held a public hearing, sentenced the defendant Liu imprisonment for ten months, fined ten thousand yuan; sentenced the defendant Liu since the verdict comes into effect within 30 days from the date of payment of the remaining arrears 170 thousand yuan.

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