How to join the western fast food, Oliver

know a little of the economics of the people know that the market needs to do entrepreneurs to make the most accurate market positioning, only the main consumer market determined, in order to win market share in one fell swoop. The food market is also the same. Western fast food is the major consumer groups of young children, for the age of consumer characteristics, the introduction of international brands, "Oliver," to be closer to our consumers, its name is easier to remember better songs, greatly improving the brand influence. 1985 Jason · Leo founded Ollie nourishing snack shop in New Orleans Olivier, like most successful enterprises, and by the first home Ollie to small snack shop 50 square meters of the development so far, has the world’s more than 2000 of the chain brand, all success stems from Oliver people constantly pursuit of delicious nourishing. Do the world super delicious hamburger!

, foreign fast food boutique Ollie caught, authentic taste invincible. Dozens of series of hundreds of varieties, everyone in this enjoy delicious nutrition, fashionable and convenient. Each delicious let customers by the advent of a new lead a person to endless aftertastes, and immediately caused crazy storm and new trend of early adopters of delicacy.

safe and healthy selection, mouth rest assured

regular supplier: headquarters full set of supplier quality management system, supplies are in line with international standards, quality assurance.

standard operating procedures: curing time, temperature, cleaning and disinfection have strict standards, in order to ensure the quality of production.

strict health monitoring: Oliver every branch have specialized personnel and daily supervision and inspections store environmental sanitation, food hygiene and personal hygiene.

, Ollie burger joined to introduce the American Western-style food

– easy to control the city fast-paced

500% occupancy rate, 10 times over Taiwan, 300% profit margins, return to the fast.

special formula patent facility

– cooking rookie can make delicious food

products market strictly confidential, only this one, the history of the highest quality.

patented technology cooking facilities, the production process is simple, one to one technical training, along with the school, a school will be.


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