A simple recipe for baking

learn a thing we are from entry to the master, to do the same cake baked food. Speaking of baking, Xiao Bian also felt very difficult, such as many cookies as long as people do, feel good tall ah, but then he tried, found cookies is pure baked entry, as long as the materials can do. So today we summarize several simple baking recipes, really easy to succeed


before putting recipes, first to science a little knowledge

: for a lot of baking novice, will have this problem: low gluten, medium gluten, high gluten flour is what, what is the difference?

answer: in simple terms, low gluten flour suitable for biscuits, cakes; gluten flour is the general use of flour, suitable for making steamed buns, etc.; high gluten flour is generally used to make bread, is so simple.

baking recipe

: what’s up and down in the oven temperature,


answer: do most of the biscuits, 180 degrees up and down fire for 15 minutes to get it. There are a lot of butter to do a good job after the biscuit, it will be cold to become crisp, do not think they do not do a good job.

asked: why does the biscuit dough need to freeze?

answer: some biscuits before baking, the dough needs to be frozen, because it is convenient to slice the cold, there is no other reason.

asked: do you need any eggs for the baked cookies?

answer: add egg liquid in the biscuit inside, in order to be more crisp biscuit and increase the cohesiveness, generally is the "egg + egg yolk protein" break up, a little cookies need only liquid egg yolk.

, a fat Nuangong partner: brown sugar oatmeal cookies

this section of the taste is really amazing, but also added brown sugar, warm palace. Oats as the main ingredient, low fat and high fiber, like, eat less dinner, hungry to a piece, a basic enough to eat a week.

ingredients: 40 grams of vegetable oil, 30 grams of brown sugar, water 50 ml, 100 grams of oatmeal, low gluten flour 80 grams, 25 grams of black sesame, coconut 25 grams;

practice: 1, brown sugar with 50 ml of hot water to melt;

2, low gluten flour sieve, and black sesame, coconut oatmeal and mixed evenly;


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