No money to do agency

once the agency, for many entrepreneurs who may think of high capital. In fact, there is no money can do agents, of course, also need to find the right way. In fact, there is no money and want to do more than the agency distribution business, I have answered some of the questions raised by some friends, and now I put forward a set of programs from the point of view of the manufacturers, for discussion.

do not have money and want to do poineering work must have the following conditions:

1, must do well the first three months or longer without any income psychological preparation.

2, must have 200 or more expenditure for economic (in addition to living outside of some additional expenses, such as fees, transportation fees and other sample data).

3, must do well after three months or longer, spent $200 or more, or did not make the agency’s psychological preparation.

if you are ready, you can be ready for action. If you do not do any of these preparations, then this program is not suitable for you.


1, choose a good product project: This is a matter of success or failure of the key issues, a lot of people do not know what is a good product, that some of the best-selling brands in the market is a good product, good project. In fact, these are not the ideal product, if one does not understand this, then you don’t do it, or go to work part-time.

a good product in this scheme is a new product that is not known to the local market, and has the potential to continue its market prospects and is not known to most people.

general new products manufacturers have a strong demand for the development of new markets, as companies and products are not well-known, the market is difficult to promote, so the conditions for the distribution agent requirements will not be too high, this is the opportunity. If it is a well-known brand products, you do not have the strength to do not want to think, you will have to do it?

2, the first business representatives: after selecting the product can contact the manufacturers to do the local business representatives, this is a must have to go through a critical period of 2-3 months. The reason is: new product manufacturers have a strong desire to develop new markets, but not to say that it would not consider the risks before the goods to you, especially the limited funds and expenses can’t do fieldwork and without the guarantee of credibility of both sides.

ready for a market development plan, with a focus on, of course, to attach their own detailed resume (as an interview to apply for preparation)


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