We need to do business

different consumers, the situation is different, if the operator wants to make this business, it is necessary to have targeted services. In the operation of the years, I even asked for the interview with, asked for many years has accumulated a lot of experience in the promotion of cigarette such as "Kanfengshichuan" such as "match up", such as discretionary guidance and other methods, these methods have helped me, to know how the funeral, and listen to me speak slowly.

"small Lu, I want to send a gift to find someone to give us comments title, you see now what to send smoke good miles?" This is not a teaching friend to ask Lu Zhizhong.

Lu Zhizhong knows the friend first, not smoking, so he didn’t pay attention to taste this, the monthly salary is not low, the well-off family, also not bad money, so I took a Zhao said: "you see, the smoke is very popular, the name is very nice, packaging you can see a black bottom level, yellow, blue and red bottom, blue sky, the price from two hundred yuan to one thousand yuan a a range, you think you need what grade, or six hundred yuan, or a lucky 66: you also wish you a smooth upgrade how to post the success, although the price is a little expensive, but it only show your sincerity and uniqueness, in order to attract leading eye, give you full service!"

a small Lu said the visitors feel feasible and closely reasoned and well argued without hesitation, took five happily walk, as if he had successful level.

spent two days there is a crossing of the rush came to the store: "dude, give me two good smoke, really show gas was just out of the electronic police photos, this is the third time to take pictures, then don’t close the case, my license will be revoked, you said this is not urgent."

It is unfortunate

stalls, not all fear is not easy to shoot point?" This small Lu used to sail with the wind but when talking, took a "white and purple" and a "diamond" to sell purple and, you see the two you see which one? "

"this is a seven hundred, I put my sword son Lee, forget it and the purple, with two is enough. This is to be my two days to tighten their necks……" He paid crooked neck muttered away.

also has some bad economic conditions of the neighbors have sent the girl get married engagement feast, he will be appropriate to promote some affordable furongwang to them, plus a few auspicious words: "is that it is economical that we marry daughter-in-law (or my daughter) is as beautiful as the water lotus. Love, this is the auspicious meaning of smoke, noble and elegant, ha ha,,,,,,," he said half-genuine and half-sham cold humor also appealed to those who work for vanity, naturally happy to buy. And he will.


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