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Luo Dongmei credit management usher in a good reputation


shop can have a very high evaluation, continue to praise, this is not out of the commentary, but evaluation of consumers are given, and the evaluation of the natural needs of shopkeepers depend on their action to fight. "Anhui Province town shops with fake stores" bronze, Xuancheng Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company) issued the "AAA" honorary plaque.

walked into the gate of convenience cigarette and liquor vendor credit card, the eye-catching quietly pass signal integrity. Look at the shelves, cigarette neat, princess is, Luo Dongmei is the owner of Lili soso, with the change of tobacco everything in good order and well arranged, you can immediately feel the outspoken and credible business character. The 43 year old Luo Dongmei and her husband together manage the tobacco shop for ten years, ten years and ten years of integrity, brilliant.

fake a penalty ten heavy commitment

Luo Dongmei’s "convenience cigarette and liquor vendor" is located in the downtown area of Xuancheng in Anhui, she also has several shops near the tobacco shop. "Business has its own practice. Over the past ten years, I have been holding the integrity of the two words, by virtue of the integrity of the market, by virtue of good faith to win the trust of consumers, rely on good faith to attract repeat customers." Luo Dongmei said with a smile.

will not hurt consumers, this is Luo Dongmei ten years always abide by the creed. To this end, she and her lover Wang Anquan solemnly issued a commitment to customers: fake a penalty ten". This solemn commitment to Luo Dongmei brought unexpected social effects and economic benefits. Luo Dongmei came to the shop where the purchase of cigarette consumers in a continuous line, the people said, "in her home, don’t say to buy a pack of cigarettes even a fake, do not see!"

Luo Dongmei told reporters that the boycott of cigarettes do not just talk, but also to withstand the temptation of profit. Once, a foreign businessman sneaking into Luo Dongmei store, told her a number of cigarettes, can earn a lot of money can buy. Luo Dongmei said: "without thinking this unconscionable money is absolutely not going to make me! I can’t hurt customers, I also advise you go home, you are not in my shop." The businessman to go out. This thing in the local retail households has therefore been tobacco companies become a favourite tale, Luo Dongmei hired as "supervisor style and performance of the construction unit of the department".

in the sale of cigarettes at the same time, Luo Dongmei also often spoke of how to identify counterfeit cigarettes to the customer knowledge. Therefore, she not only study hard laws and regulations of the tobacco industry, the tobacco companies is also actively reading issued publications and related books and documents, learning to identify true and false smoke knowledge to the inspector, and in practice continue to understand memory. Therefore, there are often just to buy a pack of cigarettes specially ran all the way from local customers.

enthusiastic service welcome popularity

in addition to the integrity of the service band


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