Pinch Wong Niechu wealth of life

many villages, yellow thing is most common, well, I use these mud brick or ceramic products and so on, to promote the development of local economy, a little bad, can only take it as a block the road, people hate the vast tired things, but there are a pinch pinch mud a wealth of life rich legendary career!

1990 August, one day, several of Wang Zhengang’s art students came to his party. A classmate talked about the use of white mud sculpture portraits and animals like money. Those who said no, the listener interested, Wang Zhengang’s inspiration: the people with white mud, I used a yellow chant, all the sticky mud is inexhaustible material, I have art foundation, good at drawing a small animal, this is the advantage that others do not! Why not try it yourself?

chose insects instead of other animal, he has a unique view: "the insect is the smallest animal in the world, but also people at least look, at least know the animal, because curious and strange, people will want to buy it, but a small insect body, good shape, and can be used to create a the proportion, which adds to the sense of reality."

10 20 afternoon, Wang Zhengang in Guangzhou, the students called to tell him: 16 it is yellow insects of order 45 thousand, and all through the export of foreign trade! Wang Zhengang ecstatic, a piece of 1.2 yuan, a total of more than 50 thousand yuan ah! What is that concept?! He was pleased with the success of his second choice of life! At the end of November, with the help of the local government, led by the District Civil Affairs Bureau, a handicraft factory by Wang Zhengang, technicians established! Wang Zhengang is responsible for making the model, and the workers do it according to the model.


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