Health care products company how to name

whether it is to provide services, or provide physical, we need to give the company a suitable name, so that the company can create a higher visibility, access to higher recognition. However, many people don’t know how to do the job, even though they know it will give the company a good name. So, health care products company how to name?

refers to health care products, most people first thought is that the confusion in the market, advertising exaggerated, dragons and fishes jumbled together. In view of this situation, the State Food and Drug Administration on March 2012 announced the naming of health food regulations, the health care industry naming made a clear specification. Regulations that prohibit the use of health care products named as follows:

1, exaggerated or absolute words, such as "ancestral, imperial, special effects, super, top";

2, health care products company how to name? Suggestive words, such as anti-inflammatory, activating blood circulation, relieving cough, detoxification, etc.;

3, place names, such as "Hua Tuo, Bian Que, China, China," and so on;

4, health care products company how to name? Unrelated to the product itself, easy to mislead consumers, "nano".

the provisions of the introduction of China’s health care market competition is an effective pattern of confusion, but also greatly increased the difficulty of trademark registration in the industry category. In response to this situation, the prophet named laboratory based on years of experience, summed up the following rules:

1, don’t kick up a cloud of dust. In the health care industry, is not only the product brand name is even dragons and fishes jumbled together, a tufted, filled with "magic" and "imperial palace" Xian "exaggerated words. The reason for this is nothing more than a misunderstanding or even do not understand the concept of "health care", so that completely ignore the scientific nature, still follow the ancient health care naming rules.


seems to be full of culture, has a long history, but it can not adapt to the current market competition and consumer psychology. We suggest that the planner to break the inherent mode of thinking, develop new ideas, communicate with consumers to recover the original simplicity, amiable and easy of approach way.

2, find the core advantage. This is consistent with the naming principles of other industries. Find the core selling point, that is, to find the characteristics of differentiation, so as to distinguish from other competitors. For example, a company named as a health care products companies do Chinese name – Kang Benyuan, is to "health" as the core concept of performance, this form with the most direct and concise way to convey the core value, but not into the vicious circle of curry favour by claptrap.



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