Can not do business on customer.

many people love gossip, doing business as soon as the idle, will love to customers today, in fact, such management habits is undoubtedly a bad habit, to the shop management is very unfavorable. So, if it is to do business, do not be able to comment on the customer, this may make their business will be greatly affected.

LAN and Jane used to be good friends. After marriage, Jane in the market butcher, Portland opened a supermarket. Jane knows the blue all aspects of the conditions are better than their own, my heart is not the taste, often even speak tongue in cheek. Jane blue never went to the supermarket to buy things, but occasionally go to Jane’s blue flesh meat. She knew that Jane is a mouth, is getting jealous, so long as it is to play jokes, regardless of lan.

until there is a LAN went to Jane’s meat flesh. Jane saw blue came to his own butcher, was greeted enthusiastically: "so early?" "Well, cut some meat." Jane said: "what side flesh cream rub? So fragrant! Is this new dress? Really good-looking!" LAN smiled and walked away with the meat. In the meat not far away when she heard Jane buy coriander, and in the next person said: "she wiped what ah! Smug!" Orchid hear clearly, the in the mind hold back one breath. From now on, LAN will not go to Jane’s meat cutting.

do you have such a friend? Usually is not easy to encounter such a shopkeeper? Think about it, do we have any such people in the store? Love others dress, to judge other people, gossip. In fact, this is not respect for others. What kind of clothes to wear, what brand of cosmetics, it is the freedom of others. The customer is to buy things, not to be bullied. Therefore, as long as the customer to patronize, to smile, sincere compliment each other, praise each other, don’t face a set back. Only sincere smile, warm words, in order to retain the customer forever.


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