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ntroduction to the location technology of fast food restaurants

investors first thing to note is that the following small series to introduce the KFD fast food to join the brand, rather than fast food giant KFC. Well now, catering investment projects as an important location, the brand is very important, it should be said that any one of the details can not be careless. Here we talk about the specific location of the problem to KFD fast food restaurant as an example.


restaurant location problem is: how to get into the store traffic location advantages, and the actual sales of large. To this end, we must always pay attention to the urban construction of the local urban dynamics, the study of the city’s urban development direction and consumer trends, research in the main consumption period, the flow of people and the size of the main street. The development of the catering industry is always very hot, no off-season, but want to run a successful restaurant is not an easy thing, the most important step is to choose a good store, location is very important.

restaurant location skills one: Urban choice (North Canton Shenzhen)

food consumption is in the people have sufficient funds to meet the daily needs of clothing, food, housing, travel and other basic needs of the discretionary funds to pay. The income level and the price level of an area can affect the amount of money available to people and the price they have to pay. Generally, when people’s income increases, people are willing to pay higher value products and services, especially in the quality and level of food consumption will be increased, therefore, the restaurant chain enterprises generally should choose in economic prosperity, rapid economic development of the region.

restaurant location skills two: urban positioning

a city will be divided into several shopping districts, and the existence of the city center and sub center. In the actual operation, we will face the location of the main road, the main road junction site selection, sub road location, community location, urban and rural areas, such as the location of the site selection. Office workers living in the center of the city, a considerable proportion of the consumer groups, and most of the morning rush to work, work in the afternoon on the back of ample time. Data estimates, within eight hours of the day after 2~3 hours of work, the main street shops along the street there will be a clear stable consumption hump. Therefore, the main road (intersection) site should be combined with the above situation, select the side of the radiation center near the city center (intersection to consider the direction of the two plus), which is conducive to customer stop.

restaurant location skills three: tree recruit

to the intersection of the main road, in order to build the image of the store will be the standard shop signs do better, the image and the chain of high degree of unity. If possible, the main body of the whole building and the color of the curtains fitted into the enterprise VI system in line with the color of the other, far more harmonious and beautiful, can enhance the visual impact. For lower rent prices


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