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Speak truth! Durex’s direct marketing in the end is profit or loss

heard yesterday, Sina micro-blog and WeChat circle of friends started a new wave of scraper, this is a big deal of it? The original cause of all this is a hundred from Durex coupon condoms began to engage in direct marketing, are said to have the bottom line, but some companies, people with basic the values for the principle, through the marketing name, with "sex" as the topic for attention, or as a naked "sex" (live video broadcast platform, there are more such indecent phenomenon) to users, other people see the red face, not cold.


Durex hundred try to use condoms live events, a typical marketing gimmick, why make million people see, the crowd of onlookers? It is advertised "hints", all for the public to look forward to can really see what, although every sensible person in your heart all understand there can be no ‘and’ reality, but still can not help but have a strong curiosity to guess, it will pay attention to what to play.

It is as expected after the Oh, the original is such a thing, the whole three hour live is nothing more than a chat, eat fruits, do broadcast gymnastics. Provoked netizens condemning pain:


It is understood that Durex

, the live video for a six video website brought millions of traffic, that is to say that at least millions of people watched the video, although there is no direct line, but the whole "that" what is the transfer? If the adults of this kind of live scene just laugh it off, but the minor


so, I’m more concerned about how many minors are watching! It’s easier and more convenient for minors to contact the Internet than ever before. My cousin is a 00, whether it is playing computer or mobile phone is handy, and I believe, and he also familiar with the Internet after 00 may no longer a few.

I’m worried about:

for a long time in the past, do not let the public believe that the marketing of the land, is the moral decay of


for a long time in the past, if each of the vulgar marketing can have a greater impact, that it passed the values and ethics, whether it will lead the wrong people, especially for minors.

finished worry, let us look at the Durex marketing itself? After marketing on the Internet is indeed popular, condemning, the feeling is’ flicker ‘and’ cheated’. But in the mixed perennial of the Internet people’s eyes, is concerned with the Durex marketing through this incident in the end is the profit or loss of the

?From the table like

, Durex’s live marketing is made, the foreplay foot preheating, variety of early propaganda posters with lots of hints, smooth user curiosity, live that day, is caused by the success of millions of people live in the crowd, finally will plot reversal, a cheating outcome, so the >


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