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Baidu said that in 2010 the proportion will rise the highest League promotion 15%

April 26th news, Baidu Union General Manager Zhu Dachen said on Baidu Union summit today, 2010 Baidu web promotion into proportion will increase an average of 10 to 15 percentage points.

Zhu Dachen said that in 2010 Baidu will benefit from the three aspects of service and growth to promote the development of the website alliance. Income, will greatly enhance the League promotion into proportion, an average increase of 10 to 15 percentage points; the service, to provide differentiated services according to the different growth stage of alliance partners; growth, Baidu is planning to set up internet entrepreneurs club. He said that Baidu will launch in 2010, blue sky 365 activities to strengthen industry self-regulation.

according to reports, before the conference, partner, senior vice president and general manager of Baidu Shen Haoyu and Baidu alliance Zhu Dachen and dozens of Baidu alliance of communication, the new strategy will be issued to listen.

Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li, Baidu senior vice president Shen Haoyu, vice president of Baidu Wang Zhan, general manager, Baidu alliance is Baidu e-commerce business unit general manager Cai Hu, general manager of Baidu alliance Zhu Dachen and other Baidu executives attended the Jiuzhaigou summit held today in Sichuan. Yang Weiqing iResearch president, cctv.com deputy general manager Xia Xiaohui, Australia CEO CBSi (media Qin, China) senior vice president Liu Xiaodong, thunder COO Luo Weimin, partner of famous Internet investors, 4399 chairman Cai Wensheng, chairman of 51.com Pang Shengdong alliance have also appeared summit.


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