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Did you get the poison of the blue letinous edodes Viral marketing Revelation

Abstract: if

is a simple video, it is very difficult to create a higher volume of shuabing. Users of the creation of blue thin, letinous edodes map, will be a short video into a picture, more specific, more image, more easily spread, which is also an important cause of hot topic.

recently, the blue thin letinous edodes word fire, not only boarded the hot topic list and hot search list micro-blog, but also derived from a variety of expression packs, as well as different versions of the video. A time eyeful blue thin letinous edodes".

What the hell is this

?? thin blue letinous edodes why can cause viral viral spread like this? It has no worth marketing from


"thin blue letinous edodes"


video "thin blue letinous edodes" term originated in Nanning a little romance recorded after.

video heard this:

blue thin, letinous edodes, had a new British, happy, why not say mud shoot kind of blue, thin, letinous edodes, the game shot, the first wing, for a girl to shoot letinous edodes, blue. Why not say the kind of shoot mud, throw me a person in the game shooting, letinous edodes, blue thin, shooting, letinous edodes.


uncomfortable, want to cry. Today, happy, why do you want to say such a thing? Uncomfortable, want to cry, here, for the first time, for a girl so want to cry, uncomfortable. Why do you want to say this, I am here, I want to cry, uncomfortable, here, want to cry.

"thin blue letinous edodes" continuation

was just a very ordinary little thing, but because of the lovelorn brother Mandarin is not passed, the unique style of language users are found, causing users crazy imitation and spoof, appeared in dozens or even hundreds of versions: dialect version, version, RAP version, and imitation version. Even developed a game similar to the do not step on the white pieces.

ghost animal version

guitar version

new expression pack was born.


UGC (User Generated Content refers to the user generated content) once again shows its powerful power, Baidu index keyword blue thin letinous edodes search amount has reached 10w+.


figure: Baidu index keyword blue thin letinous edodes screenshot

similar "virus marketing case

blue thin letinous edodes"

recently, the United States a video in the YouTube and social media is very popular, popular talk show "Alan show" also exposed the video. In the video, a young man took his cell phone several times to see his friend wearing a pair of Vans white shoes (the rich group’s brand)


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