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Analysis of how to use the website props in Baidu Post Bar promotion

The Baidu

Post Bar promotion articles can be said without countless, as if in the Post Bar sent a link post easily will be deleted, today I say is mainly about how to use the music props post in Baidu Post Bar, prevent delete posts, can effectively promote and bring considerable traffic to your website. Don’t speak well, I hope you don’t mind, if we have a better way to carry out, we learn together and progress together. Now, I think it is more abstract to describe the text, I spent a little time, with graphic interpretation, it is more intuitive, it is easy to learn.

1, enter the Baidu post bar

2, look at your personal information, you must be more than 50 of the bean paste, because the purchase of props to use a month to paste the beans in the next 50. If not, get it right now. If so, then click into the mall.

3, click on the purchase of musical props on it.

4, according to their own needs, choose the more popular post bar, and then choose to click on the entry, you will see the reply". Click "music" as follows:


5, use www.goo.gl to link to your site for short links, of course, you can also do not change, just say, this can let others rush after all, Google is trust. (this can be omitted)

6, just copy paste the URL to the URL address bar, and then add this link?.mp3, note: plus the input method can be English in the state, and must be MP3, can not be other formats, because Baidu music items currently only support MP3 format. After the song and the singer name you can fill in according to their own needs, you can click on the good after adding music, as follows:

7, click the add music after the effect is as follows, if you need to fill in the relevant information can be published:

8, after the release of the renderings on the following figure, as long as someone clicks on the music link, you can go to your site, so the flow is coming.


well, the specific music props in the Baidu Post Bar promotion method is that, now don’t be afraid of a few seconds before posting links will be deleted, as we all know, Baidu Post Bar can bring traffic is how, if you have a good promotion, the thousands, tens of thousands of traffic is no problem, to try it, big flow to come this way. This article comes from the know Valley Venture Network: http://s.zhizhigu.com, welcome to exchange.


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