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2008 China nternet Conference will be held in Nanjing in September

"2008 Chinese Internet Conference will be held in Nanjing on September 23-25, the Asia Pacific network will be on the same stage in this competitive industry". The prospect of market trends, analysis of industry development, the enterprise technology capital operation experience, promoting business cooperation, as once a year, the highest specifications, the largest network communication platform, China Internet Conference will gather more than 4000 countries and regions of the more than and 10 conference delegates and more than 50000 exhibition audience. 23 am, China Internet Association announced the news.

April 23rd, the China Internet association in Beijing for the industry to look forward to the 2008 China Internet Conference conducted by the media and official website (www.internetdigital.org) released. At the same time, DCCI Chinese Internet data center is also the same for Chinese Internet market data in key areas of the first quarter of 2008 was announced, DCCI Netmonitor client sample monitoring system has released a number of monitoring data search, video, brand etc..

2008 China Internet conference theme is positioned to promote the development of integration, penetration to create value". An agency in charge of government departments, the Ministry of industry and information technology has been Chinese as Internet Conference guide units and support units, all telecom operators as a support unit in depth, the number of international institutions and overseas organizations for long-term friendly cooperation partner. The 2008 China Internet Conference held in Nanjing, in particular, was held in Jiangsu, Nanjing municipal government and relevant institutions at all levels of support, and with the fourth (Nanjing) International Software Expo held in the same period. This will contribute to the promotion of strong brands, promote more cooperation and exchanges.

as a symbol of the brand event, China Internet Conference has become an international and domestic Internet people’s annual exchanges and cooperation hub and network weathervane. Every year, through the Chinese Internet congress passed out of the market information, reflecting the trends, not only attracted wide attention, but also to the end of each session after a period of development of the Internet and China lead to certain effect. Through the shape of each of the China Internet Conference, you can clearly perceive the development of China’s Internet format.

Compared with the previous

, 2008 Chinese Internet Conference seems more dynamic elements into the more domestic and international market competition. ! "fusion to promote the development of Chinese penetration of the 2008 Internet Conference to create value" as the theme, plans to host the international Internet Summit, China Internet executives will China Telecom, innovation and the wireless communications industry annual meeting, China Internet technology industry conference, China network video conference, Chinese network community conference, new Media Marketing Summit, China e-commerce summit the 8 characteristics of the venue at the same time, will also launch a special forum, and regional cooperation Chinese city in East China (Jiangsu) development forum, China’s Internet industry summit, China professional vertical website webmaster >


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