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Enterprise website promotion before the web site


site is the need for promotion, in addition to its own open up new market demand, another important reason is because of environmental factors, the same industry has too many competitors to compete for limited to potential users, search engine marketing strategy, for example, each enterprise / website and hope that their information on the position in the search structure, if not in the web information search results appear in the top 30, it means that the user can hardly be found, and the number of users so much market share are obtained competitors, your own user is reduced, so the first to also apply to the network marketing. So the search results ranking for the position is actually the competition for customers to compete for market share, in the search engine promotion methods, one is the natural ranking search results based on search engine optimization, another is through the purchase of search engine visibility keyword advertising way to get in the search results (such as Baidu PPC and Google AdWords), the difference between them and the advantages and disadvantages, detailed online, I also organized similar articles, not repeat them here, don’t know much about the advantages and disadvantages of friends can use Baidu Search "Baidu PPC and natural ranking". Then in the fall behind the network marketing business how to win the opportunity for their own enterprises in an invincible position?

as the saying goes, education start, start from the website promotion website, a website construction is whether the optimization of high quality web sites directly affect website search engine rankings, then even if you spent big price to do PPC advertising, when customers click to enter your site, see you the website is so simple a few pages, feeling quite crudely made, may first impression of your company image and strength immediately reduced, here I just give you two examples to explain, as we search for the key word in Baidu: oven. See the search results displayed at the end of "promotion", is to do the bidding advertising, like one of the lean Technology Co. Ltd. the site is no problem in the 1024 resolution below, but in 1280 the following resolution, background dislocation becomes very ugly; for example, the search results in Qingfeng Industrial equipment manufacturing plant, a look that is very rough the web design, will give people the feeling that the factory is small is also relatively backward, oumeijia food machinery limited company website and people feel more professional, open fast, using only a narrow version slightly insufficient atmosphere (to avoid suspicion advertising will not write any web site are interested in their own Baidu.). The same advertising also do website promotion, although the money you spend, or even spend more money, the customer may also choose not to you, although you are willing to spend money to promote but not willing to invest in the construction site, the natural care for this and lose that The loss outweighs the gain..

we Chinese best engage in image project, but often overlooked the online corporate image, Xie Ke believed that this is mainly to business leaders is the increase of knowledge, network marketing consciousness, after all, now greatly small website construction company can contend for.


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