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Beauty hospital network marketing wise remark of an experienced person

recently got a new job, do network marketing planning director in cosmetic surgery hospital in Nanchang Lummy, removed from the A5 station network for many years, "a beauty hospital network marketing planning program" may your network promotion and A5 Master webmaster share learning, hope and in the A5 Adsense nets passing work in plastic surgery hospital colleagues exchanges, mutual progress.

a. Plastic surgery hospital environment analysis:

analysis of 1 Chinese cosmetic surgery hospital environment: due to the rapid development of Chinese economy, improvement of people’s living standard, China plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery hospital medical staff number is several times the growth in. Therefore, plastic surgery is a broad market prospects, but also a lot of competitive pressure.

analysis of 2 Nanchang beauty hospital: Nanchang is located in the central China environment, cosmetic industry is not Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fuzhou developed, but the cosmetic plastic surgery hospital in Nanchang local competition is very intense, but Nanchang Lummy cosmetic surgery hospital attached to the Korean APOTRE group cooperation agency, is Asia’s three largest cosmetic international hospital chain, is approved by the Nanchang Municipal Health Bureau, at present the province’s largest and most complete, the most abundant technical departments of the medical cosmetic surgery hospital, Nanchang municipal government investment in key projects and autumn months.

analysis of the national and Nanchang well-known beauty hospital, combined with the specific circumstances of the hospital, the implementation of plastic surgery hospital network marketing planning case.

two. Plastic surgery hospital network platform construction:

The construction of

1 cosmetic surgery hospital website platform: from the overall tone, beauty hospital website color with pink as the base, soft with a hint of concern, let potential customers feel the gentleness and care; to write from the content, to combine the orthopedics hairdressing Department advantage, be arranged to do content mining; from the advisory services platform, we must ensure that the business information communication smooth, timely response to customer service. The design of the hospital web site represents the strength of a hospital, to make great efforts to the hospital master.

2 plastic surgery hospital blog platform construction: blog platform has an independent platform and the third party platform, the author suggests the use of the third party platform, the establishment of plastic surgery hospital blog. The content of the blog platform, the author suggested that the hospital can be combined with plastic surgery doctor case to make comments. Blog to communicate with the doctor’s tone of the reader, an increase of contact with doctors and potential customers to understand the interaction will be more cordial.

The construction of the platform of local women vertical beauty hospital 3 plastic

: now a lot of orthopedics hairdressing hospital building local women’s website, attracting local traffic to enrich the female information, increase brand recognition of cosmetic surgery hospital. At present, the hospital has not yet implemented so do not comment.

the author found that the current plastic surgery hospital to promote the construction of a single hospital website, the development of the establishment of the hospital blog to promote the evolution of the establishment of local women’s platform, from this


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