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Amazon’s Zappos network was black 24 million user information stolen

Tencent Francisco (David) in Beijing on January 16th news, according to foreign media reports, Amazon announced its e-commerce website Zappos, recently hacked the company internal network and 24 million user accounts, although complete credit card information users is not compromised, but hackers steal information including user name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, credit card number at the end of four, and encrypted passwords.

Zappos said that the company has issued a password reset warning, and will be the next time users log on to the site to guide the user to set a new password.

Zappos CEO Xie Jiahua (Tony Hsieh) on its website issued a letter to employees of the letter, the letter said: "we have recently become a victim of cyber attacks, criminals through us in the state of Kentucky to enter the server part of our internal network and the system. We are working with law enforcement agencies to conduct a thorough investigation." He declined to give more details about the attack.

Zappos warned that even if the user set up a new Zappos password, they will carefully change similar or the same password on other websites, in order to avoid Zappos network intruders to decipher their stolen password. Zappos also warned affected users to be careful of phishing emails, hackers may be in the name of the official Zappos mail sent to the stolen e-mail address, for account authentication or financial information.

Xie Jiahua wrote in an e-mail, a Henderson in Nevada (Henderson) headquarters of the Zappos staff will help in the attacks to the user to respond, but since may receive a lot of questions, so the company will only reply by e-mail, do not use the phone.

Xie Jiahua said: "over the past 12 years, we have been committed to the establishment of reputation and brand, and access to the user’s trust. So it’s a pity that we have to retreat from such an attack. One of the things that I think can save face is that the database that stores the user’s key credit card information and other payment information is not affected or not compromised."

July 2009, Amazon to $847 million acquisition of online footwear and apparel retailer Zappos.


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