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2011 the most expensive domain name Market Pinyin and numbers prevail

domain name has become one of the most important competition in each big website on the Internet, 2011 flash that is over, the 365 days a year, the domestic domain name on the field what happened? The following small domain name transaction information platform according to the reported case, simple sorting out 2011 China or the trading price of the domain name Top15 list well, not yet disclosed the exact trading price of the Top15 list, to understand the dynamic domain name next year to domestic market.

In 2011

has a clear trading price of the domain name Top15 on the list, the highest price when the domain name domain name 11.com stack digital overseas acquisitions of country people, the first among the list with the price of 3 million 340 thousand yuan, after the Chinese people are building 11 site navigation station. Second is the same stack of digital domain name 33.com, turnover of 2 million 320 thousand yuan, is still frozen in. Third is still the digital domain name 45.com, sold for $1 million 770 thousand, is the 45 life navigation station. Thus, the list of the top three, all digital domain name.


figure: two list

on the list, there are two creative domain name also nominated, for example, Sina in the net 620 thousand yuan to buy eju.com, enjoy a good shopping mall 150 thousand yuan acquisition of hao24.com, another Pinyin domain name jiujiu.com, 280 thousand yuan trading. From the list as a whole, the number of digital domain name to occupy the majority of the list.

companies for the domain name is increasingly valued, know how to buy a good domain name to operate, in 2011, many large enterprises have acquired the domain name case, its ranking is to pass the price to the rough ranking. The highest price short domain name, last year, Amazon acquired z.cn short domain, become the most heavy news, Fang Chuan domain trading price of 5 million yuan to another, Chen Yizhou recently sold "beep" sell dudu.com domain name, also is a major concern of the industry. Ganji.com generous last year bought two big Pinyin domain name mayi.com and guazi.com.

The most influential

of sina company in 2011, bought the domain name huoxing.com, Mars free domain name ziyou.com and watch the domain name kandain.com, and 620 thousand yuan eju.com. In addition, Cai Wensheng million selling English domain name piazza.com. Digital domain names 3456.com and 915.com are also on the list, as a whole on this list, the largest share of the Pinyin domain name.

combined with two list data, domain name and domain name is 2011 digital Pinyin domain name on the field two pillars of domain name, the domain name and domain name and other creative English type is also part of the market, its market position is also important. Combined with the 2011 domain name uplink state, even in the future for a period of time in the future, the alphabet and numbers will still be the most important trading elements in the domestic market.


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