Fierce competition, and how to do a good job

recently, with some of the time to do a micro business friends exchange.. They have said that this year is not so good as last year, micro business.. Why micro business for many people, not so good, the key point is what?

first, the competition is big. By the end of last year, according to statistics, China has 10 million micro business practitioners, so far this year, there are 20 million micro practitioners.

secondly, the homogenization of products. Although now a lot of products have come up, but the mainstream or skin care products based


then, almost all of the marketing skills out of a mold. Are the sun map, shipping map, nothing new!

finally, the user is also more and more intelligent, this is mainly because the understanding of micro business information more convenient. Li Leiting doing micro business, do micro business video tutorials, at that time there are not a few micro business video tutorials, and now just in a video site search micro providers, hundreds of thousands of video.

Taobao has a corporate culture is embracing change. Although I have something very afraid of change, but it is precisely because of the existence of change, but also let us have the opportunity to turn overtaking. Do a lot of micro business students, can monthly income of tens of thousands, for this before, there is no such a good chance!

micro business is also changing, and the change is very obvious, in the past because of the rich myth of micro business, attracting a lot of people to do micro business, but also because of its non-standard, resulting in a lot of false propaganda ingredients.

but as competition intensifies, consumers are becoming more and more intelligent, many ways and means in the past will fail!

we have to continue to understand the industry, to understand the consumer, to understand themselves, to find their own to attract users of the bright spots, in order to allow customers to choose us.

that for the time being, because of the similarity of advertising, are in their own product description, out of stock, endless recruit agents, etc..

because everyone in these time, last time, their circle of friends so the fewer people, this year changed much, everyone is good, but almost all, he didn’t know who to believe.

so the next Li Leiting advice is that the circle of friends more prominent authenticity of their own, and professional, let the customer see we are doing well, but also to make her believe that we really do a good job. Although the authenticity and professionalism, a lot of electricity providers do, do marketing are talking about, but they are not doing micro business. There are a small part of the micro business people do it in so, but their power is limited after all, only a handful of people around the impact.

believes that many of the old micro businessmen, have felt that the micro business is not good to do, but also believe that a lot of new entrants to the new business continues to use the old way, there is not much effect. Then change soon!!

a lot of people are right now


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