Over marketing fun

over marketing fun?

millet has changed the traditional marketing model, the introduction of the hunger marketing develop most incisive, has been a lot of fans, but also brought a lot of money for their own commercial interests, Meizu in MIUI V6 after the emergency suit, leaving a mere scrap of paper, from online marketing both surging, instantly stale… Now… The market marketing model is slowly in a variety of "ideas" under the rapid development, as consumers, although sometimes surprised to know why it completely, but curiosity, there are always people eager to find out what


different marketing programs

marketing Baidu encyclopedia is defined as: according to the market needs to organize the production of products, and through the sale of products to the needs of the customer. We can define it as a business need between market supply and demand.

the traditional marketing mode is basically and no violation, planning to monopolize the market, one-way entity, multi levels according to customer requirements, through a large number of high priced advertising delivery to achieve the corresponding marketing effect.

mode is now relatively open, multi entity interconnection development, free virtual reality coexist, even just a single level of pre-sale has become the main point of the current marketing. Adhering to the development trend of the popularization of the Internet have regrets, now has become a powerful means of marketing, more no occasion to hype too.

"ice" marketing strategy

is a popular global ice bucket challenge pouring awake people to ALS disease sensory perceptions, as in the fall of "ice" in the unfortunate patients stockpiled warm heart, but also help a charity. Abroad, actively participate in various industry bigwigs in greater extent reflects the various warm the world has long seemed obscure, the moment has already broken the long cold layer. Just do not know why a matter of charity reached the domestic ice bucket challenge suddenly on a charitable basis into a relationship marketing hype, a business challenge between you and me. Before and after the ice water flow under the charity moment, you and I will not forget to say "you dare to your competitors?" as if to tell against those products between unyielding, soft, and seemed to be holding the middle finger on the others said "cut, you have to practice a few years". I just want to say that marketing is not to do so, reining in the suffering of others so people can not help but shame…

…The marketing model of


Luo Yonghao VS Wang Ziru’s verbal battle successfully took over but the bucket challenge the prime time, now become the focus of media. Some people say that this argument is Big deal is completely unnecessary, but is a relative evaluation of mobile phone, why so seriously; some people say that this is a speculation, I really do not understand why the development of the Internet today, will add so much nonsense? Some people laugh without words. Sit and watch the two.


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