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WeChat on behalf of the mobile nternet will give the webmaster industry what (trend bias)


, launched in January 2011, now you and I are in use, all Internet practitioners, owners are well aware of the mobile Internet will be the future, then WeChat represents the mobile internet marketing, will give the webmaster, search engine marketing to bring what? We see a few bits of data:


through the Baidu index we can learn that every day through the Baidu index search keywords SEO data show that from 2008 12000 passengers / day, down to the current 4753 passengers / day.

Baidu search through WeChat keyword marketing data show that by January 2012 270 passengers, up to now 1900 passengers / day.

WeChat marketing heat is evident, the golden section will soon come. (WeChat marketing and SEO keyword search times).

a new thing, will after germination, fermentation, madness, fall, smooth process, WeChat would like micro-blog marketing does not erect, halfway down the soft game over? Come and see a data.


micro-blog marketing and WeChat marketing golden line successfully appeared in June 16, 2013.

micro-blog keyword marketing in February 2011 from 0 to May 2011 800% straight up search needs to reach 825 passengers per day, this month was slowly rising, until after the April 2012 peak of 2100 per day, has entered a bear market, in May 2013 began to decline significantly, as of now the daily search needs only 800 passengers on the back (in May 2011, and continued to decline)

WeChat marketing keywords? Since mid June 2013, the golden section of the line, still maintained a 200% increase, the current daily search requests reached a total of 1900 passengers per day. And continued bull market.

in the history stage, the hero, the trend is irreversible, micro-blog to rise, creating countless heroes and wealth.

WeChat’s arrival, the arrival of the mobile Internet, is you, I am not reversible.

what can we do? Maybe WeChat will make you the next one.

This paper is mainly about the WeChat

, micro-blog SEO, environment and trends, if you are interested, then continue to share second and everyone: about WeChat, in addition to what marketing can do (member, CRM, online time, LBS


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