Apps first apple after Android, why


Google Android and apple iOS are now co operating the world’s smartphone operating system market 80%. Among them, the Android system covers 51% of the international market, apple phones occupy the site of 30.7%.

here, there is an interesting phenomenon, although a little bit the Apple site lost to Android, but large mobile phone application developers every time the launch of the new Apps, will choose launched first in the apple App Store, Google in the market to run Android applications (Google Play), will be postponed.

large U.S. mobile phone application developers seem to have an unspoken agreement, they will only wait until the new application in the iPhone platform on the road, will consider the same application to Android platform. Small developers are the same, due to the constraints of the budget, they face the apple, Android choose the moment, will certainly give priority to Apple platform.

The application of

mobile phone first apple Android Internet phenomenon, observers Vnix said there are 3 major factors.

Apple users willing to

first, iPhone users are more willing to spend money to buy a new Apps. The reason is that iPhone users are more rich, another reason may be the connection between Apple iTunes market and credit card online shopping system is satisfactory, its "1-click Purchase" (a click to buy) to buy a very simple function, the security of user experience.

second, iPhone users are bold to try new Apps. This is the apple support group characteristics, have confidence in apple, based on Apple products, will be good psychological, Apple users most likely to catch on, even the suicide "white mouse". For developers, when you have to choose the mobile platform, you must choose the most easy to catch the market.

third, Android applications need more money, more time to develop. According to the experience of the U.S. application developer, they have to inject an additional 20% people and time to deal with apple applications and the same Android software. It is said that Android application development platform is more expensive than apple.

so that the mobile phone software developers to inject more money into the Android platform, may only be exchanged for less willing to catch on, willing to do white mice users. Summary, the first to open up the application of apple is more in line with commercial considerations.

mobile phone operating system iOS is a technology company’s exclusive mobile phone, not the exclusive mobile phone of any telecommunications agency. Android is used by different telecom companies Distribution, telecommunications companies develop "set the bloated software in the factory" (Bloatware), caused by mobile phone resources occupied, and user delusion to remove these bloated software ", may have to violate the provisions of product assurance.


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