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Vip.com was involved in selling three attack launched two consumer rights

vip.com suspected of selling fake Moutai continues to ferment.

January 5th, the China Consumer Association made it clear that vip.com had previously announced the existence of three solutions to the problem, and asked vip.com to further explain. At the same time, someone on the other side of Kweichow Moutai wine Limited by Share Ltd also declare its administrative micro-blog in 53 degrees flying Moutai terminal if the market price is less than 850 yuan / bottle when there is suspicion of counterfeit goods, while vip.com had the sales price of 580 yuan / bottle.

In the face of the two sides of

attack, vip.com responded, "thank Chinese Consumer Association’s supervision and guidance, is currently in active communication with the consumers, both sides want to maximize the protection of consumer rights."

in addition, according to the reporter, after December 8th the day of the purchase of 903 consumers get a compensation of vip.com times of ten times, so consumers choose to give up the first wave of activist programs.

But consumers have found that the

in December 7th to buy the same batch of sale will be 53 degrees flying Moutai and Wuliangye are also suspected of counterfeiting, and vip.com is only willing to return to the way of treatment. Therefore, in wine drinking friends forum of the person in charge of counterfeiting organization, consumers have contacted local firms in Guangzhou, ready to open the two rights of way by means of law.

vip.com trap dilemma


in December 31st last year, vip.com announced that its sales of Moutai Moutai group with non factory original goods, and claimed that the (December 8th Anniversary) buy 53 degrees flying all Moutai 903 consumers alike, now advance commodity value ten times compensation.

vip.com said it has permanently ceased cooperation with someone’s suppliers, and has taken the initiative to report to the police, the police have filed and launched a criminal investigation procedures. It also stated in the statement that it will actively contact consumers who have purchased the other goods supplied by the supplier at the same time.

this seems to be full of the statement, but did not attract consumers and the Chinese Consumers Association and Moutai vendors agree.

the afternoon of January 5, 2016, zhongxiaoxie publicly questioned vip.com solutions of the public, that the program has three big problems, the specific point of view, one is not objective detection by selling Moutai if there are quality problems; two did not disclose the true information involved suppliers; three is not released in other commodity information provided by the supplier involved.


in the Association issued a statement on January 5th at 5:39 in the afternoon, Kweichow Moutai wine Limited by Share Ltd in its official micro-blog "national administrative micro-blog Moutai said in a statement:" in the recent market services and rights crackdown in the process, found that the cost of sales was significantly lower than that of Guizhou Moutai wine, even the sale of counterfeit and shoddy Kweichow Moutai wine and other illegal acts. To 53 degrees flying Moutai, for example, the vast number of consumers in the consumption of Guizhou Moutai wine, if the market terminal price below


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