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Do not just stare at Tmall look at the micro business Ye double eleven

[Reuters] billion state power in Tmall, the Jingdong for the 11 pair of rash and too much in haste, another group of emerging powers as interest, they are eager for a fight, derivative. This group of WeChat Feng Shui water soldier ants, despite repeatedly shouting "to the center", but when in a first formal sense of the double 11, whether businesses or the service providers, to "inherit" the traditional PC side electricity supplier showed detached interest.

noted billion state power network, including major electricity supplier WeChat game player pocket pass, pocket shopping micro shop stores and other micro meow, began a double 11 big promotion business recruitment, and to develop a unified promotion strategy. In order to allow businesses to be more confident, several service providers are trying to drain their own way, and even set up a centralized traffic entrance.

It is reported that

, pocket pass back in late October began to recruit businesses set play WeChat double 11, as of now, the number of WeChat entered the pocket through the double 11 businesses in about 1500 or so, including real businesses and local life O2O businesses, including food and lifestyle also accounted for the bulk of; fashion, beauty, mother and several traditional category have joined the fray.

official news from pocket, last week, it has formally launched the business 11 double polymerization page, and will launch a similar Tmall audience full of 50 percent off packets of mail, coupons, return now, buy and other promotional activities.


pocket through the active aggregation page

in 020 aspects, take the pocket through directed to invite, the number of stores nationwide more than 30 brands, 300 department stores, such as Bosideng, Ichiban shop, longrun group, Hangzhou Canal Street, have come up with a line of special offer goods, to guide customers to the next line of consumption.

at present, a large number of businesses through the pocket has begun to gradually promote the public by the number of 11 double WeChat activities, encouraging users to receive coupons for double preheating 11.

In addition to the WeChat

pocket, the other third party service providers are also active in response to dual 11 activities, a typical pocket shopping micro shop, party to pay the money under the meow micro shop.

pocket shopping micro shop is a highlight of the double 11 brand distribution, the recruitment settled a number of brand distributors can choose to be the agent of the brand and the specific goods, and goods promotion through various channels, and finally get the brands commission. However, the premise of this event is that the brand needs to prepare half off packs of goods in advance, if there is a Tmall shop, the price to be flat or lower with Tmall.


pocket shopping brand distribution schematic

and captured a group of young female shopkeeper meow micro shop is also eager to double 11 during a fire. According to the insiders, meow micro shop will main incentive shop >


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