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Olympic economy, inventory in 2012 the major mall of the Olympic promotion

with the arrival of August, a heat wave swept across the land, and more heat than this more attention is the 2012 London games. Starting in the China delegation, major shopping sites have launched various promotional activities: guess the total number of gold medals, a gold medalist, seckill, sports special promotions and so on; the best is yet to come, when the sports event among the major mall launched: each piece of gold seckill, registered to send coupons, hit the golden egg, lottery and other activities. The Olympic Games, is the shopping season, the carnival is


Taobao Tmall portfolio:

Tmall in the Olympic Games promotion, but significantly more than double 11 efforts; but when the boss is not left behind. Tmall this promotion from July 27th –8 month 13 days, early is to play the game too red, August 13th is the ultimate promotion (record Tmall); at the same time, Tmall also launched each take a piece of gold medal seckill activities, continue to attract everyone’s attention, we certainly hope that the team get better.


Electric City by Lenovo launched the hero — Chinese Guanming activities: for the Olympic refueling, and then click to grab a red envelope, as well as the free single chance

Taobao’s Olympic Games, there is no surprise, just changed the logo, part of the channel launched a red envelope activities


Jingdong Mall:

Taobao mall compared to the red, Jingdong mall gives a more affordable price.

The main activities of the

Olympic Games – China rushed to the lowest price in Jingdong Jingdong record breaking: a wide range of activities, the price is affordable, long duration.

shop hundred million coupons free of charge, the same as the previous activities, mainly in the store coupons free of charge to receive

also launched: mobile phone games, joint brand promotion, books and audio channel promotion



B2C upstart suning.com in the second half of 2011 to the present, in a variety of promotional activities, the strength is great, and each will be down

Olympic Games main activities – full Olympic benefits: the free shipping, general merchandise / books full 100 return 100 coupons, coupon ticket hotel 10%, straight down 8%, 1 billion coupons every day

and Tesco’s anniversary is coming, to catch up to the 3 day seckill, on field panic buying activity


easy fast network:

Tencent for the upstart, gave great financial support for this opportunity, certainly will not miss


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