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Daily topic Browser battle intensified UC layout PC browser market

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network April 17th news, recently, mobile browser UC excellent brother as the opposite, released its first PC computer version of the browser, to participate in market competition with a catfish status. The future will be the core of the mobile phone, has been released across multiple devices UC browser, to build multi screen strategy.

April 10th, in the field of entrepreneurship for many years UC officially released a computer version of the browser and the latest version of the TV browser, the main concept of mobile phone centric multi screen integration. In the traditional PC browser vendors are focusing on the mobile terminal, UC began to reverse the phone from the PC. UC excellent, as president of the company in Beijing He Xiaopeng said, our goal is to achieve the end of this year, the first TV browser industry, PC browser into the first group."

early in January this year, He Xiaopeng in the park geeks Innovation Conference issued a "multi screen strategy", announced to enter the television field, PC browser. He believes that the current Internet is from fission to fusion, the needs of users from the net to be online, so the future of the mobile Internet is the real Internet, fused PC Internet network. "Now is a multi screen world, multi screen to carve up the people’s Internet time, and the phone is the future network center." He Xiaopeng said. He Xiaopeng believes that China’s PC browser vendors do not innovate, all channels to the king, based on the pure client model, so UC want to do something different, multi screen strategy that is their starting point.

for UC, although have a foothold in the mobile browser market, but want to move the PC browser users is not easy. PC on the Internet, Sogou and 360 has already passed three rockets to build out their own moat ". Sogou Sogou input method, a huge amount of users is a rocket, the browser is the two stage of the rocket, the search is the three rocket, push the last search from the emissions of the first two levels; 360, security guards is the foundation to guide users through the browser to download 360, and then through the navigation, advertising, search.

UC browser

PC version of this release by former Alibaba Taobao browser team and UC browser team jointly developed, combined with cross screen experience shopping experience and UC, He Xiaopeng UC and Ali said the future will have more levels of cooperation. Alibaba is the largest electricity supplier China, cooperate with ALI, allows UC to get other browser vendors in navigation, advertising, business areas such as O2O have the advantages of resources, in order to gain more market share in the browser. "UC is now a catfish in the browser, but we hope it will become a shark." He Xiaopeng said.

interesting is that in the PC browser market dominance of 360, on the same day announced a major revision of the mobile browser, still the main security card". In the past, the 360 internal to the mobile phone browser.


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