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Digital music singing all the way into the field of the Tencent or the overlord

news today, Music group (China Corporation, referred to as CMC) and Tencent group jointly announced that it has reached a consensus, QQ music business and CMC merger. After the merger, QQ music, cool dog, cool and other products and brands will remain independent development, users enjoy the original service unchanged.

according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that informed sources, before the Tencent Holdings has agreed to the acquisition of a controlling stake in CMC, the shareholding ratio from the original 16%, has increased to 60%, and it will also promote the CMC valuation of about $2 billion 700 million.

said the new music group will explore more innovative products and business models, in order to promote the process of genuine Chinese digital music field, help music creative vitality, promote the development of the industry.

The United States

digital album download market is shrinking rapidly, while the domestic situation is just the opposite, singing all the way. Rihanna, for example, in January this year released a new album, Anti now has been included in QQ, NetEase cloud, cool dog and other platforms on the line. So far, only in the QQ music platform sales have exceeded 1 million 900 thousand, China’s digital music download market is in good condition.

digital music fully genuine, is considered a good starting point for the accelerated development of the Internet music industry. The influx of capital and the music industry, streaming media, offline online live performances, music education, Gexianshentong, mining the link online music industry chain value.

December 2014, QQ digital music album in the form of exclusive Jay Chou new album "Oh, oh well", and achieved great success, and further the music industry to join, from pattern to pattern recognition of questioning. The huge effect brought by the digital album, let the music industry gradually from the rebound, digital music has since paid "on the agenda", by other music platforms have to follow suit, such as small shrimp, Wang Yiyun etc..

recently, the international record Industry Association recently released the 2016 global music market report. The report shows that in 2015 the global music industry revenue growth of 3.2%, of which the number of music to $6 billion 700 million in revenue for the first time beyond the physical music, accounting for the total music industry revenue of 45%. Among them, the Chinese music industry grew by more than 60%, becoming the top second growth.

According to

entgroup October 2015 data released from the digital music library reserve, QQ music library reached 15 million, followed by NetEase cloud music for 5 million songs, 4 million pieces of small shrimp music, cool dog music 3 million, Baidu music 2 million 100 thousand.

, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that Tencent had a 16% stake in the marine group, and the Tencent has acquired a controlling stake of about another of the other parties, to pay


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