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CCTV evening news broadcast was halted website list

April 24th CCTV evening news program aired by the relevant departments of the State Council to stop and rectify the list. It is reported that the rectification of the relevant departments attach great importance to.

a, was ordered to stop the list of audio visual services website

serial number domain name domain name province

1 fast flash http://s.mober.cn/ Shaanxi

2 love internet http://s.15150.com/ Chongqing

3 thunder China http://s.xunleicn.com Hunan

4 Kiss movie http://s.kissdy.com/ Hunan

5 http://s.bbs.katinuo.com/

summit in Hunan


Software Park http://s.xp90.com/ Hunan

7 http://s.myt66.com/ Hunan

forum Chinese Meiyu

video download http://s.mmnv.cn/

Hunan Muyu 8

9 Wuling entertainment network http://s.518e.cn/ Hunan

10 summer wind forum http://s.wingle.cn/ Hunan

http://s.bbs.duoluojie.com/ Hunan

11 Dole Street

12 http://s.fh911.cn/ Jiangsu

television beacon

13 go thunder http://s.7xunlei.com/ Hunan

14 super BT download http://s.btttt.com/ Chongqing

15 mobile network http://s.mobido.com.cn/ Hebei


16 Guangming top community http://s.mygmd.com/ Fujian

17 overseas Chinese home http://s.rongqiao.net/ Fujian

18 sky community http://s.skybbs.com/ Fujian

19 super funny forum http://s.bbs.52joy.com/ Fujian

20 Xiamen Angel community http://s.skyoto.com/ Fujian


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