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From A to Zuk have guessed the magic shop new brand domain name with what

renamed China (eName.cn) May 25th news, yesterday, Lenovo CEO Chen Xudong yesterday released magic factory of micro-blog, with a complete research on the building of the Lenovo North "? UK.com" domain name, said this morning, there is a letter on the roof of the building were put to No. 28 installed. To narrow the scope of the 26 letters, then which letter?.


: from A to K 26 letter +uk domain name chart

most of the site has been

from a to Z in the 26 letter + "UK" a combination of the 3 letter domain names, most of them in the overseas, 11 has been set up overseas websites, including auk.com, buk.com, fuk.com, huk.com, where fuk.com is a porn site, luk.com jump to luk.de, nuk.com to jump to the nuk.de.

has 2 domain names are being improved, euk.com is shown in the station, yuk.com will soon be on the line. There are ouk.com, ruk.com and other 6 domain names are not parked page, is the display of the sale page. In addition, cuk.com, muk.com, wuk.com, zuk.com and other 5 sites. Quk.com, duk.com is not enabled.

Telepathy holds 3

in addition to the site has been built and is the domain name, in the remaining 13 domain names, guk.com, wuk.com, muk.com and other domain names are in the hands of the Telepathy company, but did not enable the establishment of. In addition, the WHOIS information through the investigation found that the company also holds the hands of ruk.net, ouk.net, iu.com, nwm.com and many other domain names.

Duk.com is displayed in the DigiMedia.com, L.P. hands; ruk.com display in Mrs Jello, LLC name. The Quk.com display is in the hands of Chen Guangsan Ouk.com in domain name investors; investor Gregg Freeman suk.com holding hands; for investors Bilal Arif; uuk.com MEDIA ARCHITECTS INC. show in FUTURE, under the name of tuk.com in the hands of Wang Quanfeng; domestic investors; the other three domain name cuk.com, zuk.com, xuk.com hidden WHOIS information.


be zuk.com?

figure: micro-blog screenshot

in the last 3 of the WHOIS information is hidden in the domain name, the domain name of the zuk.com through the registered mailbox, >


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