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Daily topic what time is the taxi software nouveau riche burning behavior of the end

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) February 28th news, today you hit it?. Of course, for the driver and passengers, they care about is how long this burn behavior Ali Tencent can continue to


In fact,

for the taxi software community has been mixed, with the backing of Ali fast and takes Tencent as patron of didi subsidies is behavior of nouveau riche aroused strong repercussions. From the beginning of January, didi and quick taxi software to burn to grab the market. In January 17th, Didi subsidies to return to 10 yuan from 5 yuan, fast swift into 11 blocks, and played the slogan, "always more than the opponent a". January 18th morning didi announced subsidies to 12, but also to send additional WeChat aircraft and other props products. Quick taxi immediately announced subsidies to 13 yuan. According to reports, the two sides burn total has more than 1 billion 900 million yuan.

why burn? Alipay official said, has function of mobile payment, mobile payment scene but not natural, need to cultivate the habits of users to create a scene, and the scene of a taxi to pay is the application of high frequency and micro payment, is suitable for ordinary users to do this kind of enlightenment. It can be said that the taxi war, Tencent and Ali also received the popularity of the payment, the user habits to develop, for the next to open other services on the interface to pave the way.

just for this burn competition behavior has seriously affected the taxi market chaos. A lot of people are now reflected in the taxi is very difficult to beat, the driver only grab a single street waving for the fundamental non-stop. Although the regulatory authorities have been around the intervention, and there are fast taxi taxi subsidy standards have been reduced in some areas, Didi taxi also came 10 days after the cessation of subsidies to spread rumors. But both companies deny rumors.

But last night

Alibaba chairman Ma Yun issued in the exchange get together in emotion, said the mother see a taxi in the street, neither by taxi software, and hit the car, this competition is deeply hurt the interests of users, especially the elderly interests of the child. "It really has to be seriously considered and treated. Friends of the taxi software, how long do you want to play ah, it is recommended that you sit down and drink a cup of tea, to discuss the next step how to do more wisdom. Competition must not hurt others." Ma Yun even joked that the two pretty Han fight, the street watching more people, but not in the game, but in the joke. There are comments from users commented that Ma overwhelmed the market competition will show a return to rational. Many micro-blog users also commented that it is obvious that the subsidies to the end.

a lot of people say that Ma Yun’s feeling is actually looking for a step, take the interests of users and the interests of the elderly and children as a step. In fact, the taxi software burn wars launched mobile payments around the stop. "Truce" or not is not


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