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Witkey China membership of 2008 year-end bonus contest was officially launched

at the beginning of the new year, Chinese Witkey network (www.vikecn.com) for the past years of hard dedication, positive attention and support Chinese Witkey net you Witkey workers members, trust and love Thanksgiving Witkey network project Chinese thick customers to give workers the Witkey released.

network China vowed to adhere to Witkey fair and operating principle of openness, public trust, and resolutely safeguard the interests of customers, and resolutely safeguard the interests of labor Witkey workers, is committed to creating China Chinese net Witkey become the most professional, the most honest, most secure network online work platform, knowledge and creative industry achievements trading platform. The achievements of network revolution in the way of social work, create value for society more creative achievements, create more job opportunities for individuals to create a broader demand for customer service, achievement demand of human resources to solve the channel.

for praise, thanks to the excellent work over the past year Witkey worker’s contribution, firmly implement the "Witkey Witkey wealth belongs to the principle of" the 2008 year China Witkey network according to the operation of the core rules, has been recognized as invalid project decision (customer evaluation project project and give up cheating) should be made as the winning prize, Witkey Chinese net year-end bonus, distributed to produce excellent selection of Witkey workers through open selection, thank Witkey workers hard labor and wisdom to create, thank you for the trust and support of China Witkey network, to join and participate in the development of Witkey Chinese cannot do without more witkey.

the new year, we will try our best to perfect the security measures to safeguard the interests of customers and Witkey, the evaluation project to develop the best way to solve the distribution of bonus.

Chinese Witkey network 2008 year-end bonus selection rules

1, the project was listed as a year-end bonus to participate in the project, and in the project submitted a valid member of the work.

2, December 31, 2008, in more than 100 projects and submitted works, and never bid Witkey member.

3, credit rating above the diamond level, and has been involved in the project in January and submitted to the work.

4, recommended membership of this station Witkey, membership of more than 100 people.

5, other (think they have reason to receive a year-end bonus Witkey member).

6, please apply for year-end bonus Witkey members to submit paperwork in the project, and explain the reasons.

a, awards and bonuses set

first prize: $800

red end of the year

two prize three: red end of the year is RMB 500

third-prize ten: the red end of the year is RMB 300

Excellence Award 50: the red end of the year is RMB 100

encourages the red end of the year award 100: $50>


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