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Unified deployment of the implementation of the Guangdong Unicom launched a comprehensive operation

combined with the Ministry of public security ministry, the national anti pornography office, Ministry of education, Ministry of information industry and other relevant departments recently launched a nationwide special action to combat Internet pornography law, Guangdong Unicom attaches great importance to this special action, and in accordance with the Chinese Unicom headquarters of the unified deployment of the implementation of the work one by one.

Guangdong Unicom set up a special action leading group and working group to carry out related work, and take effective measures to implement. First, to strengthen prevention in advance, access to the system and access to prevent the provision of access to pornographic information and other illegal information service providers. Further improve and improve the existing access to various types of information services, websites and Internet access management system for the prevention of pornographic and other illegal information to provide institutional safeguards. Strict implementation of the access process qualification review and business content review before the line. The two is the control of attention to the matter, improve the operation monitoring means, establish discovery mechanism of pornographic and other illegal information, establish and improve the conventional business content operation test system, and give full play to the role of customer service channels, establish and perfect the work mechanism and the flow of user complaints handling of pornographic information. Extensive mobilization of social participation and supervision of the masses, the establishment of user reporting channels to accept social supervision. Three is strictly after processing, establish and improve the internal processing of pornographic information provided by the work mechanism. Four is to establish a long-term management mechanism to improve monitoring efficiency.


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