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Taobao siege again, the Alibaba of the reflection rule

[fan Junjie / titanium Media Editor] Taobao recently launched a false trading remediation activities, in the process of implementing the "fire" caused some small sellers dissatisfaction and rebound, they get together for some Tmall stores launched the "attack" action. Although Taobao immediately issued a statement indicating that and take appropriate measures, but has not stopped further expansion of the situation.

according to the information gathered by the titanium media, the evening of December 5th began, about 30 thousand small sellers began to attack some well-known Tmall flagship store. They advocate from December 8th to 31, as Taobao no car (referring to Taobao through car advertising service) day, shouted the equal, equal flow slogan. The main means of the attack: click the "collective train" link (caused by conversion rate of car goods through zero); the target shop selling models thegoodstaken non payment, resulting in the product under the frame of hotel service want to launch; "jitter" forced off the assembly line, etc.. Some sellers in voice communication software QQtalk to build the room as a means of communication with attacking methods and objects, the evening of 8 to 9:20, the group has 13000 people, 9 am the number dropped to more than 7 thousand people, at the time when the number is still changing.

the whole attack process began intermittently until 9 am from 5 in the evening, this time, starry, camel, UNIQLO, Jack& Jones and other famous brand Tmall stores affected by varying degrees.

this is almost Taobao 2011 "October besieged city" incident. 2011, October, Taobao many small sellers have launched a similar attack on Taobao YY voice chat room, the cause is also dissatisfied with Taobao’s fee advertising services.

electricity supplier commentators in Gong Wenxiang (micro-blog ID:@) on Sina micro-blog live broadcast of this event. On the evening of 8, he Bo said: "the initial organizers pass with the greatest leader Raymond Lam has quit (in his YY channel said the police have to talk to him), he is one of the largest leading Chinese scalping guild organization; due to work tomorrow, originally tonight is over, but in fact the" the spiritual leader of the movement’s road has just appeared in the group, the boiling, is estimated to continue for some time." Titanium media editors tried to contact Gong Wenxiang on micro-blog to get further information, failed to get the other’s answer.

this event is the fuse of Taobao recently launched a false trading remediation activities. According to Taobao’s official statement, beginning in October, Taobao has increased the monitoring and processing of the crowd, the focus of the fight against the hype Gang, but also to participate in the business of a certain deal". Titanium media collected information shows that some small sellers claimed that he was "manslaughter", was wrongly accused of missing and, without being informed by Taobao official "closed shop" punishment. Coupled with the small seller has been on Taobao’s "through train" service dissatisfaction, it led to


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