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Buy products No, consumers want to buy a better one

lead: how to sell your products to the users? Say that your product is good, what is special? No, more to highlight the benefits of products to consumers, so that consumers can get better.


Steve Jobs about the invention of iPod, the first time that the news, people across the technology industry in mind: MP3 has existed for quite a long time, iPod what is special? Where is it selling


, of course, can be said to be a lot of features, but the key aspect is how Steve Jobs marketing and it presented to the public:

"1000 songs in your pocket"


Steve Jobs with the above slogan launched iPod, others are still in the name of 1 GB storage space to promote MP3 player. Light is the way to pack the goods in different ways, which makes Apple a big step ahead of the rest of the world, because it helps customers to think of themselves as a better person (with 1000 songs in their pockets).

is like the following figure:


Mario (potential customer) + fire flower (your product; not a selling point) = can be lost fireball enhanced version of Mario (to make customers better; this is the selling point)

is a very popular way to use image presentation products, but also clever marketing, so that enterprises are more likely to emphasize the benefits after the purchase of goods, rather than the characteristics of the commodity itself. "

I have heard a lot of emphasis on the benefits of marketing case, but I was always hard to put "benefits" and "commodity characteristics" clearly, so I have a lot of research, I will propose some implementation examples properly.

how to distinguish product characteristics (features) vs. benefits (benefits)

User Onboarding blogger explains this:

"people don’t buy products; they want to buy a better one. When you’re trying to attract more customers, do you want to list the characteristics of the product, or do you want to describe how it can make you better? "

Basecamp (former 37Signals) co-founder Jason Fried has also discussed this topic in Twitter:

"it’s something that our products can do" and "it’s something you can do with our products" sounds like, but they are quite different ways. (" Here’s what our>)


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