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Amazon show new warehouse robots accelerate the distribution of shopping season

according to foreign media reports, a year ago, like Reginald · (Rejinaldo Rosales), such as Amazon picking a shift to take a few miles of the road. And now, the electricity supplier giant said, by using more than 15 thousand wheeled robots, it has improved operational efficiency, and allow employees to get more rest.

the robots walk through Amazon’s warehouse and help its employees deliver a pile of toys, books and other products. Rosales, who works at the Amazon distribution center in California, said during a brief break, "we picked up one or two times faster than the rest of the world," said."

in order to meet the holiday shopping season blowout orders, Amazon this year to invest heavily in upgrading and expanding its distribution network, the introduction of new technologies, the creation of more distribution centers, and recruited 80 thousand seasonal workers. Amazon said that after the first Monday of Thanksgiving last year, it handled 36 million 800 thousand orders of goods, is expected this year, online shopping will be more busy Monday.

Amazon CEO Geoff · (Jeff Bezos), said Future Ltd will provide UAV delivery service, but the technology has not been able to implement the. However, the problem is the Amazon do not want a repeat of last year — part of customer dissatisfaction in the midwestern United States caused by the slow distribution of ice storm. At the same time, the company is facing fierce competition from Google, eBay and other competitors as well as traditional retailers force online sales.

Amazon expects holiday shopping season this year, its revenue will be between $27 billion 300 million to $30 billion 300 million. These figures were up 18% from last year, but less than Wall Street’s expectations. Piper Jaffray investment analyst Kean · Munster (Gene Munster) on Friday in the investment report said, Amazon’s distribution network to invest billions of dollars, its reliability is a major selling point for the customers. He believes that Amazon’s performance is expected to be conservative.

the company’s distribution centers around the world currently reached 109. According to Amazon’s senior vice president of operations Dave · (Dave Clark) said that in the distribution center in the Amazon, Amazon deployed from its 2012 acquisition of robotic company Kiva Systems robot. Last Sunday, he led reporters to visit the distribution center.

Tracey distribution center covers an area of 1 million 200 thousand square feet (equivalent to the size of 28 football fields), there are more than 1500 full-time employees. It deploys about 3000 robots, which are fast and do not cause any noise. After receiving the digital instructions sent by the central computer, they are scanned by the bar code on the ground.

those orange robots work like this: first slide to the bottom of the shelf, and then lift up to 4 feet wide


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