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After the upgrade of the vice president of the road join venture company to fight for nine years

do you always feel that after 80 or new workplace this group has been labeled "not fly" label generation, is gradually becoming the backbone of many Chinese companies and entrepreneurial leaders.

not everyone is willing to choose a company in the residential business as the first job, although the garage start-up now appears to be a very handsome thing. What if it was 9 years ago,


2003, a company called Qianxiang interactive startup has made no later dozen renren.com, entrepreneurial team in Beijing Xizhimen North train station next to a red apartment building rented a three bedroom, inside the nest in the office. At that time was still a graduate student at Tsinghua University after the second grade, but he decided to join the entrepreneurial team.

He once had a

on the rise and fall of Internet Co. When the Internet bubble burst in 2001, topaz while reading while doing a part-time job in the TOM network. Only eleven had a holiday, then back to the company, TOM’s share price plummeted. Did not catch up with the first wave of the Internet, topaz is very regrettable, he did not want to miss the second.


Qianxiang interactive, topaz also has a lot of Tsinghua students have interest in the start-up companies, but they took one look at the office environment to go, because there is not a company".

but left topaz. He said he didn’t care.

in his Chinese foreign and private enterprises working peers, even for at least 2 years old, for at least 5 years even the expert. And graduated 9 years has been working in the same company, starting with a business to adhere to the company to see the listing of fewer people. Topaz is a.

was born in 1981, Huang Jing in the Thousand Oaks interactive title has been changing, from the wireless division of technical experts, technical director, senior director of product technology, has been the vice president of the company. Renren.com PC now has been responsible for the topaz of more than 600 employees, the company also moved into the residence from the office, but he still has no office, he and his colleagues, enjoy a station. His privilege is reflected in the 26 corners of the corner called a "command" of the meeting room, the meeting room is usually not accepted. He could go in and make a personal phone call, or talk to an employee.

as one of the top managers of the company, topaz daily working time more than 12 hours, there will be open endless – in addition to his weekly meetings to attend each important project, and the project will be mobilized, the project reached a milepost when the celebration.

Institute meeting, is one of the skills needed to master 80 managers, even if many of their peers are still buried in the complaint, disgust in the mood of the meeting. Topaz feels that this is what managers have to face, "the meeting is part of the team’s communication, not simply to report what you do every day, but also to listen to the team members to talk about what difficulties encountered


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